My website does not appear in the search engines’ hits

The position of your website in the hits returned by the search engines will depend on the search you make, and on the extent to which the search is related to the website content. That positioning does not only depend on how important your website is for the search engines, because the importance of the rest of the websites located in the same sphere as yours also exerts an influence.

There could be two reasons why you do not see your website in the search hits: the search engines do not recognise your website, or your website has a poor position in the searches run and that is why it does not appear among the first hits.

To find out whether the search engines recognise your website, you can run the “” search in Google (substituting for the domain name of your website). That search will return the pages that the search engines recognise from your website. If the search does not return any hits, it is because the search engines do not recognise your website. On the other hand, if the number of pages appearing in the hits is considerably lower than the number that your website has, this could indicate a problem.

Various things can be done to improve the website’s positioning, because a single solution will not be enough to improve all the situations. To start with, there are some criteria that the website needs to meet and which help to improve positioning. Here are some of them:

Apart from the website structure, there are several other things that need to be looked at:

If you follow these instructions your website will appear in the search hits more easily and this will gradually improve. The improvement in the hits will be more obvious depending on the hits in which you want to be better positioned. In any case, it is important to make the website content relevant, to work on it diligently and update it frequently, because that way the search engines will give it a higher rating.